Look Out for Freedom. Vote for the Right Person.

DD, East Prairie School, grades 6-8
This piece is about voting for the right person for the government. If people vote for the wrong person chaos happens. People would not be treated right, war will break out, unfair laws will be made, and many more thing that can possibly can happen. 

This piece is important to me because if the wrong person becomes president, he/she will do unconstitutional things like raise taxes on everything, ban Immigrants from the United States, and force other people to out of the United States.

It's important to vote for the right person, for example Andrew Jackson once made “The Indian Removal Act.” Some of the indians and even congress thought that this was unconstitutional. But Jackson never listened to congress. So Andrew Jackson sent an army to remove all of the indians to their homeland. This made the indians sad and some of the soldiers didn't like what their doing. This was known as “the Trail of Tears.”

It also important to me because on March 14, the election of 16 started and are currently in a battle, voting for the right person. -DD