The Demandments Program is a free public art assignment strengthening the imperative voices of our youth and an online forum showcasing the demands of children. As an educational platform students are encouraged to express their concerns and to insert them into the public sphere using the power and persuasion of visual art and text. Students identify pressing issues that inspire the creation of poster art stating a demand, children build the courage and confidence needed to express opinions boldly and with clarity.

Todd Hall Elementary, Lincolnwood, IL

The Demandments Website is a forum highlighting the demands and ideas of children. We provide a place to be heard and preserve the young voices of these times. Contributing artwork to an online forum strengthens the students' understanding of the power of civic participation in both local and global exchange. Students realize their influence in bringing about positive change by problem solving and imagining attainable solutions. To help students shape their own opinions, The Demandments website is an educational platform that offers the following resources:
  • Printable downloads such as large-scale mural assemblages
  • A guide for educators beginning with historic references
  • A database of contemporary themes, issues, and solutions
  • Tools for action and petitioning with a list of organizations for change
  • Examples for Art and Social Responsibility ideas
  • Inspirational quotes and poetry
  • Book and film lists resources for researching issues
Laura Jeffrey Academy
The Demandments Assignment consists of adaptable parts for students of all ages and grades that are easily integrated into existing curriculum, different learning processes, and abilities. Students collaborate in small groups or the entire school working in short-term and long-term goals. The assignment can be facilitated by teachers, administrators, or a parent. Educators shape the assignment using many entry points and a variety of disciplines.

The assignment originates from a fine art series by artist, Lee Tracy, 110 original works on paper that combine images and imperative text, to reveal universal values while demanding change entitled The Demandments.

Lee Tracy is a full time practicing artist working on projects, painting, and writing. She has adapted many of her artworks into lessons, global initiatives, for students.

As a visiting artist for grades 1-8th Ms. Tracy uses art to introduce themes of empathy, stewardship, and observation of nature inspired by her Red Trees and 100 Tears projects.

In addition to The Demandments, she runs another participatory assignment for the World Rivers project.

Project-based learning is an approach to teaching that centers on engagement where learners become involved in a dynamically effective experience.

Administration and outreach for project-based lessons are non-profit with fiscal sponsorship provided by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax-deductible donations, funds raised through the sale of Ms. Tracy's selective works, propels the grassroots efforts.

Much appreciation to those who support my work and practice.
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