Help the Homeless

JH, East Prairie School, grades 6-8
I drew about helping the homeless. I think helping the homeless is important  because when you walk down the street into the city you might see a homeless person holding a sign saying “ lost my house and school, can you  help me please?” I would like to build more soup kitchens where homeless people will  come and eat. Homeless people are wanting to know where to sleep. Build a homeless shelter.If you have any  old clothing or blankets give your old clothes to the homeless people or family. Don’t ignore  homeless people. Homeless people just want something to eat and if homeless people do not eat they can die. If you see homeless people on the street do not walk right passed them, stop and give them some money. Homeless people come from all different walks of life.

This topic is important to me because helping the homeless is a big thing in the world. Because you want to make sure that homeless people are eating and healthy. Homeless people are humans and I am human. Do not treat homeless the wrong way. Treat them the way they want to be treated with kindness. -JH